Carole Hanford’s Apricot Fruit Cake

7 oz S.R. Flour

4 1/2 Caster Sugar

5 oz Butter

Pinch Salt

2 Large Eggs

12 oz Mixed Fruit

3 oz Cherries

420 g Tin Apricots in Syrup well drained and chopped.

2 T. milk (if needed)


In a large bowl mix together flour,sugar, eggs, butter and salt until light and fluffy. Add mixed fruit and half the cherries. When well mixed add the apricots. If too dry add the milk. Mix together and pour into a prepared loaf cake tin. Arrange the rest of the cherries on top of the cake. Cover with waxed paper and put in oven that has been preheated to 160 degrees ( Gas mark 3). Bake for 2 hours until well cooked.

Store the baked cake in a fridge.










Reason to celebrate.

LLangatwg W.I. is proud to announce that a photo by Joan Langston is to feature in the W.I. Calendar. Her photo can be found in the month of May.

Afan Argoed

The next walk is to Afan Argoed on Tuesday, 17th April . Walkers are asked to meet at Cadoxton Community Centre at 10 a.m.

Photos of the walk to LLandovery.

Merton Porthcawl
Walk in Merton, Porthcawl with one intrepid walker leading the way.